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Kite Compositor has become a favorite tool for a lot of interaction designers, but a critical part of our workflow is testing.

With KiteFlyer, you can test your Kite Compositor prototypes, live on your device. No more pretending.

It's Easy . . .

Upload your Kite file

KiteFlyer loads Kite files from the web. Upload your prototype to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, or your own web server!

Enter the link in KiteFlyer

Once your prototype is available online, you can add it to KiteFlyer. Just tap the kite icon and enter the name and url of the file, and KiteFlyer will play it.

Enjoy and share your work!

Marvel at your handiwork. Your awesome Kite prototype is in your hands.. Good job! Use KiteFlyer to share your app with clients and coworkers as well.

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